My primary goal throughout my teaching career has been to convey information on a particular topic while urging students to query everything they learn—including what I teach them. This can make for weird dynamics initially, especially with students that have little exposure to radical pedagogical praxis. Once students understand the process through which I “teach,” they usually respond quite positively and take up the critical challenge in creative ways!

My teaching approach is a reflective style that challenges students to think more critically in the moment. I encourage students to reflect substantially on everything they read. Activities focus on discussion, inquiry, and interaction. I develop multiple aspects of all these in each course I develop and teach. Of particular importance is inviting students to practice how to link concepts with concrete information—either through reading or through in-class exercises. I also challengeIMG_2909 students to reflect on and to make sense of conventional language in their own worldview as to the source and implications of using such words, phrases, and metaphors. With this teaching method, I challenge students to think not only about the course materials but also to think about the way they think.

I mostly teach first and fourth year courses. The energy and curiosity students bring to class generate productive discussions, and make teaching fun and learning easy. I appreciate feedback as any course progresses because changes can be made immediately to address any concerns that arise.

I also conduct undergraduate and graduate direct readings courses. If there is something that you would like to explore and think that I might be able to facilitate your learning, please contact me!