I work with graduate students in interdisciplinary programs and settings. Disciplines include Geography, Interdisciplinary Studies, Nursing, and Law and Society. Students seek me out for support in social theory, qualitative methodology, and feminist analysis. I am open to a wide range of research topics, yet most of the research I supervise has something to do with politics, illness, or disability. Compatibility with theoretical, conceptual, and methodological orientation is more important.

colourfulbeesMy approach to supervision is about providing space for students to develop their own ideas. I like to see how these ideas play out in particular settings. Some of the topics of student research I work with as a supervisor or committee member include: liminal spaces of living and dying with metastatic breast cancer, knowledge systems in resource management, coded space as innovative capital, and children with disabilities in military families.

I would like to work with students who have a strong interest in developing their own interpretations of feminist, posthuman, and poststructural conceptual frameworks.

If you have some overlapping interests and would like to talk about your subject, please contact me!