My research program brings together diverse empirical sites through my conceptual and theoretical concerns about bodies, power, and subjectivity through feminism. I have interests in women’s ill bodies, embodied effects of militarized psychiatric trauma, music lyrics, workplace politics, and feminist research practices. I frame my work through feminist materialism and feminist theory using poststructural and posthuman concepts.

IMG_3776The need for money to do my research is minimal. Thus I secure funding for my research through small grants. I engage primarily in writing projects that use textual data. Some data I collect through the library, some through the internet, and some through newspapers. As part of my research in autobiography and collective biography, I generate my own data through systematic note-taking, journaling, and writing exercises.

Theorists and theories I find most fascinating are those that have transformative potential. I am more interested in exploring possibilities rather than charting restrictions. Currently I am finding Rosi Braidotti, Susan Hekman, Michel Foucault, and Gilles Deleuze useful across my interests and projects.