Recent Supervision

Doll, Agnieszka Zajaczkowska. 2017. ‘Lawyering the Mad’: An Institutional Ethnography of Involuntary Emergency Admission to Psychiatric Facilities in Poland. PhD, Law & Society.

DeVolder, Elizabeth. 2017. Overcoming the Overcoming story: Critical Disability Informed Genealogies of Compulsory Heroism. PhD, Critical Disability Studies, University of British Columbia – Okanagan. (University of Victoria contribution to supervisory committee)

Nicholls, Laura. 2016. Mothering, Power, and the Care of the Self: An Autoethnographic Account of Mothering. MA, Studies in Policy and Practice.

Henderson, Charlotte. 2016. Reconceptualizing Bodies and Pleasure: Considerations by and for Sex-Positive Service Workers. MA, Studies in Policy and Practice.

Fraser, Gene. 2015. Governing Madness: Coercion, Resistance and Agency in British Columbia’s Mental Health Law Regime. PhD, Law & Society.

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